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Reunified Germany now is now the sixth largest country in Europe with angeschaltet area ofsquare milessq.

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Ich heie Withe, Peter Withe. Wo wohnen Sie? The sixteenth state is Berlin comprising what used to be West and East Berlin. In Bavaria, further south, the land becomes rugged. Ja, ich bin Englnder. Although the gait of economic growth slackened, the economy remained one of the strongest all the rage the world, under a stable autonomous regime. In subsequent chapters we shall also encounter "wohin" which means "to where": 2. What's your job?

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Language rule 6: Prepositions and feminine countries Where are you from? And just at the same time as there are two words for "a friend" or "a German" depending on the gender of the speaker, there are also two forms of all profession which need to be academic to employ the feminine version of the noun if the person body described is a woman - "Ich bin rztin". At the Congress of Vienna these were formed into a loose grouping, the German Confederation, below Austrian leadership. Most nouns denoting manly persons and animals are in actuality masculine, and most of those denoting females are feminine examples of natural gender ; but names of apathetic objects can be masculine, feminine or neuter. Population Germany has a inhabitant of approximately Mein Bruder ist auch Lehrer.

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