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The significance of the expansion of English cannot be grasped by postulating a benevolent invisible hand that leads en route for the ideal of a global village based upon free communication of equals. For other observers, however, this dialect is well and alive and has a future, possibly reduced in capacity and exclusiveness, but, as the experience with education outside the school curriculum seems to indicate, as a doable hybrid between the cultures that retains its status as a distinctive dialect.

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Does the conflict between globalization and character exclude interference by interested organizations, or is it an invitation for interference, negotiation Globalization Threats and Opportunities 17 and steering? This creative approach en route for language is not hampered by the fear and anxiety of loss. We are grateful for support from the Gesellschaft fr deutsche Sprache that covered the cost of the simultaneous translation of the papers presented at the conference. Linguistic globalization has reached a point where theories couched in local, regional or national languages face difficulties of being perceived and integrated addicted to international scientific discourse. Das tun wir aber nicht. The loss of dialect is not perceived in isolation, although as embedded in a wider context made up of the destruction of jobs, the erosion of the welfare state and the imposition of a new geographical mobility.

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Globalization Threats and Opportunities 19 In her essay Yazemin Yildiz refers to angeschaltet emerging linguistic variety and diversity after that, moreover, interprets this new and amalgam language as an encouraging sign of a growing sense of difference. Where linguistic diversity is seen as linked to cultural diversity, the dominance of English as the language of globalization is often held responsible for erasing cultural differences and creating a uniform and faceless world. Oktober in Naundorf bei Forst Lausitzist promovierter Agrarwissenschaftler und hat auch ein paar Jahre all the rage diesem Beruf gearbeitet. Die Fotos machte Thilo Rückeis. Seit gehört der Sozialdemokrat dem Potsdamer Landtag an. The aim was to use this distance en route for create a different framework and en route for re-adjust the debate by defining the issues in a different way. Meinen Sie mir: Lustig finde ich das nicht. Diese Emotionalität muss man filmen. Und der Wettbewerb ums Personal wird sich nicht auflösen lassen.